Solutions for Businesses:
Your Own Path to the Cloud

You know that being on the cloud delivers business advantages.

But the right mix of cloud services and the right plan for implementing them is unique to every company.

You need a cloud strategy that targets your company’s specific goals — and that helps you reach those goals quickly and efficiently. Your cloud strategy also has to be based on where your technology and resources are right now.

Some companies seem to have a standard answer no matter what your cloud “questions” are.

That’s not who we are at Nubelity.

We take the time to get to know both the business and technology sides of your company. We take into account your mission and your goals, but also your current systems and how far you are in your cloud journey. And we can help you combine services from different cloud vendors to create the right package to suit your needs.

This kind of personalized strategy enables you to make the most of what the cloud has to offer, while maintaining security and availability for your technology.

Nubelity’s Personalized, Strategic Approach

Cost Benefits

For companies that aren’t on the cloud, using capital budgets to support an IT staff and infrastructure isn’t efficient. We can increase efficiencies and lower costs of IT operations by providing a staged approach to migrating technology infrastructure processes to the cloud. And we can help companies that were “born in the cloud” save money by considering vendor options or diversifying their cloud provider portfolio.

Cloud Solutions Framework

Using our collective expertise, our team created the Nube Cloud Solutions Framework (NCSF). The NCSF is the collateral that we use to conduct customer client service engagements. It consists of:

  • Cloud application workload discovery framework templates and tool
  • Cloud application workload assessment  framework templates and tool
  • Cloud application workload migration factory and tools
  • Cloud managed services portfolio, processes and tools
  • Cloud application workload fitment analysis template (self-service)
  • Reporting formats
The NCSF will help accelerate customers’ cloud migrations anywhere from 20% to 30% compared with not using the framework. By hiring Nubelity for their cloud journey, customers will benefit from using the NCSF from day one.

Customized for Your Company

We work with companies that are new to the cloud, businesses that were born in the cloud, and those at every point in between.

Companies have different needs depending on where they are in their cloud journey. If you’re currently actively managing your IT, moving to a server-less IT frees up your business to focus on growth. You can scale up and down based on business needs and increase service availability. Cloud native companies can work with Nubelity to improve efficiency, scalability and cost benefits.

Cloud based services will also empower you company with agility, reducing the time to launch new products and services. The market is now demanding robust capabilities in big data, analytics and uptime that are cost- prohibitive for most companies. Cloud delivered services are imperative to build competitive advantages across the industries.

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Your Path to the Cloud

To simplify your cloud journey, our first step is getting to know your company.
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