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November 9, 2016

IBM to Up Its PaaS Game with SoftLayer Integration

cloud computing ibm softlayer bluemixIn recent years, public cloud services have grown by leaps and bounds. As technology changes, those of us in the industry must stay ahead of the game, lest we be left in the dust. The top four cloud platforms that have emerged as leaders in the industry are Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and IBM.

As one of the public cloud “giants,” IBM has had significant growth, not just as an organization but with its products, as well. In its efforts to gain a stronger and more robust business, IBM is upping its game. The company very recently announced that its Bluemix cloud development platform will incorporate all of the SoftLayer public cloud services, bringing them into the fold.

What This Means for SoftLayer Customers

As they continue to use Bluemix in the coming weeks, customers will notice some significant – but all the more useful – changes. The SoftLayer features that they know and love will be integrated into Bluemix, wrapping all of IBM’s cloud platform offerings into one inclusive package. Importantly, all of SoftLayer’s systems, products, services and support will remain as the blueprint from which the “new” Bluemix will be built.

Consistency within Bluemix

Incorporating SoftLayer into Bluemix is going to streamline your cloud platform experience, including during this time of transition. Here’s what you can expect in the coming months, according to SoftLayer.

  • Continued services on both systems, with no interruption of services.
  • Access to your SoftLayer control portal for cloud infrastructure management.
  • Continued support for all platforms.
  • Control panel integration into the Bluemix console, resulting in a single dashboard for cloud infrastructure and cloud services management.
  • Streamlined invoicing: one invoice for your infrastructure and services.
  • Expanded offerings of Bluemix products and services, allowing better integration and efficiency.

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