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May 11, 2017

Serverless Computing in 2017: The Future is Now

While serverless computing is a newer disruptive concept, it’s still in its infancy. Software teams appear to be moving away from directly managing hardware in data centers. While serverless computing is a growing movement, it may take some time to mature and be widely embraced. At its core, serverless computing allows your application to still run on servers, but all the server management is taken care of.

Serverless computing allows those software teams to stop thinking about the hardware completely and focus on making the code great. This has shaken up the industry by freeing up the teams to do the work they really want to be doing to advance the technology they set out to create, raising the efficiency of cloud computing to a new level.

Serverless Computing’s Future is Now

We can see some trends in computing emerging, with serverless being one of the top trends for 2017. Computing giants have been unveiling and rolling out new platforms left and right, which has been pushing innovation even further. In this process, we’ve moved from owning on-premise assets, to owning cloud assets, to leasing cloud virtual objects, to simply just running code without even caring for assets.

The question is: just how far will serverless computing take us? It’s exciting to see advances like this, and we see our industry turning a corner with this one!





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