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March 28, 2016

Serverless IT Hosted in the Cloud

In line with the theme of optimizing costs and increasing revenue, Enterprise customers, over a period of time have moved away from building and managing their own infrastructure (Hardware, storage, network, etc). Instead they are increasingly leveraging the cloud (public or hybrid) for hosting their development / staging / production application workloads. This decision is taken irrespective of whether the infrastructure operations are a cost center in the company or not, and is leading the industry to “serverless IT operations”.

Today’s computing environment can be defined by:

  • Cloud First – To host “Born in the cloud” applications, as well as for companies with legacy application workloads that is fit to be hosted on the cloud
  • Cloud Next – Building newer generation of applications, based on loosely coupled architecture, running on agile platform that is scalable, portable, and independent of underlying infrastructure

CXO’s are changing their business models to support newer services by adopting:

  • Market penetration strategies to reach newer markets
  • Sales channels such as – Business to Business (B2B) and B2C channels enabled via de-coupled API calls
  • Targeted marketing and sales campaign for Millennials
  • Competitive differentiation
  • Analytics on the gargantuan amounts of data to predict trends and patterns
  • Drive new business opportunities

Some of the tactical and strategic technical strategies utilized across industries to support the business initiatives are:

  • Developing Micro-services architecture to support range of innovative platforms and devices
  • Use Container deployment to share and collaborate across environments, public or private clouds
  • Utilize services/information as API’s to be used by other applications or third party vendors
  • Adopt “cloud next” for any new product development or deployment

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