Getting to Know Your Business

Our process starts with gaining an understanding of your business inside and out. Why? Cloud services add the most value when they’re tailored to your business goals and help you succeed in your competitive industry environment.

Taking this time to thoroughly assess your resources and goals also allows us to provide outstanding customer service and to lay the foundation for a long-term alliance that consistently adds value for your business.

Service Options

Whether you’re just starting to think about moving to the cloud or you’re a
“born in the cloud” company looking for ways to get even more from cloud services,
we can work with you in a variety of ways to achieve your goals.

No matter which option you choose, we serve as step-by-step guides to meeting your cloud
goals efficiently and effectively.

In this hands-on session led by experienced cloud consultants and architects, we’ll document your business and technical priorities and lay out the framework for accelerating your business growth plans. The output of this session will create a roadmap for cloud adoption with concrete deliverables such as project plans and more.
Utilizing automated tools, we’ll examine the current IT environment of your company and provide a path to the cloud using our staged approach. The Discovery and Assessment option can help companies that are considering migrating legacy application and infrastructure to the cloud to lower costs and increase efficiency.

We provide the specific resources, knowledge and best practices to get the job done more efficiently than the competition. We take a staged approach to migration and can utilize multiple vendors to provide solutions that are the best fit for you – for example, starting with dev/test workloads and apps that can be consumed as a service before migrating more complex workloads. Our staged approach increases your efficiencies and lowers your costs. Our global delivery model ensures that we utilize the strengths of our different team members in different geographic areas for delivery and steady state maintenance / cloud managed services.
Your company migrated to the cloud, what’s next?Add another level of ease and convenience to your cloud service by enlisting us as a trusted and available team for support and maintenance. Reduce costs and empower your company through Nubelity’s continuous improvement program that delivers world class reporting and monitoring tools to impact your bottom line with aggressive SLAs through a reliable integrated service.

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Your Path to the Cloud

To simplify your cloud journey, our first step is getting to know your company.
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