November 9, 2016

IBM to Up Its PaaS Game with SoftLayer Integration

In recent years, public cloud services have grown by leaps and bounds. As technology changes, those of us in the industry must stay ahead of the game, lest we be left in the dust. The top four cloud platforms that have emerged as leaders in the industry are Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and IBM. As one of the public cloud “giants,” IBM has had significant growth, not just as an organization but with its products, as well. In its efforts to gain…
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April 13, 2016

Building Applications for the Cloud First Genre

With every industry, there are best practices and a general “way of doing things.” Cloud architecture and the development of applications to be hosted on the cloud are no different. For building new applications for cloud, there are certain fundamental principles that have to be followed, as well. Over a period of time and after several iterations, the cloud application architecture standards, although not formalized, are being adopted by application architects and developers, as the go-to standard. For customers who…
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March 28, 2016

Serverless IT Hosted in the Cloud

In line with the theme of optimizing costs and increasing revenue, Enterprise customers, over a period of time have moved away from building and managing their own infrastructure (Hardware, storage, network, etc). Instead they are increasingly leveraging the cloud (public or hybrid) for hosting their development / staging / production application workloads. This decision is taken irrespective of whether the infrastructure operations are a cost center in the company or not, and is leading the industry to “serverless IT operations”.…
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